Foreign Domestic Workers

Experienced handling and careful selection of foreign domestic workers from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Mizoram and Cambodia for our valued customers.

Repatriation of FDW and Escort to Airport

We provide services to send and escort your foreign domestic worker to the airport and safely back home.

Work Permit Application, Renewal and Cancellation

Comprehensive services for your Foreign Domestic Worker from start to finish. Excellent before and after service that will leave you with a wonderful experience.

Home Leave Application, Air Ticket Purchase and Passport Renewal

Time for a break for your foreign domestic worker. We provide a top to toe service that will leave you and your worker satisfied and coming back for more.

FDW Training Courses and Workshops

In order for the FDWs to do the job efficiently and expertly, we have courses for Elderly Care and In-House Domestic Training which include cleaning, washing and cooking available for employers to consider.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Sonic maid is a branch under our main company, Sonic Recruitment Pte Ltd. We are committed to provide professional services to meet our customers needs and expectations in all aspects. Our wide network of scouts and recruiters will ensure that we find the best foreign domestic workers there are in the respective home country.

Our staff are equipped with the necessary training and expertise to handle all sorts of situations and are eager to impress and wow you with our excellent services.

We take feedback seriously and are open to suggestions to improve our services. We hope to grow and continuously serve you and support you in your whole journey and experience as an employer.